Portfolio > ISIS/NASA, 2015

In this video I used found footage from ISIS demolishing historic monuments. By playing the explosion in reverse, and then re-playing it, each time, which I imitate from some found footage posted by ISIS online, I tried to focus on two very deep parts of the human psyche: first, coming to terms with loss, in general, but in this case specifically with the horror and trauma of a destructive act that is life-changing and irrevocable; and second, less awfully, the desire to play, to exercise the imagination, to make believe and fantasize, and during which time enacting destruction and death is a deeply gratifying activity. To play the initial detonation in reverse gives one a sense of control over what is a truly disturbing, violent thing, and then, re-playing it, transforms it into a kind of play, almost cheerful.
(This text is inspired from Ramin Arjomand's feedback on this video)

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